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  • Indoor Bike Complaints

    Data source: NYC 311 data 2010 to present: Icon: Icon by Creative Squad : I decided to look at 311 data for Bikes. There more reports then I anticipated. Complaints of snowy or icy bike lanes, chained bikes and even reports of bikes in buildings. From 2010 to present (April of 2024) there were…

  • Free AI Talks

    The Columbia Journalism School Chair is offering six 90 minute Zoom sessions on AI for investigative Journalism for free. Starting this Tuesday, April 16th, it runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The talks are suggested for journalists, but from the descriptions they are applicable to analysts too. Read more and get a free ticket here: Practical…

  • Signs in NYC

    Here is another chart on complaints in NYC. This time it is about damaged or missing street signs. Specifically, the data is broken down into 3 categories: Damaged, Dangling and Missing. As per the chart, the “No Parking, Standing, Stopping” signs are most frequently reported missing. This data is from 2010- April 5th 2024 ….

  • Bed Bugs In NYC

    Reports of bedbugs in NYC. From 2019-2024. Looking at the charts it looks like a lot of bedbugs are reported at EOY around the winter months. Notice there is one zip code in queens that reports a lot of bedbugs. It is zip code 11385 which corresponds to Ridgewood, NY. Click on the charts to…