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Free AI Talks

The Columbia Journalism School Chair is offering six 90 minute Zoom sessions on AI for investigative Journalism for free. Starting this Tuesday, April 16th, it runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The talks are suggested for journalists, but from the descriptions they are applicable to analysts too. Read more and get a free ticket here: Practical AI for (Investigative) Journalism.

Here is the Agenda: (Read more on their Eventbrite)

  • Tuesday, April 16 – Let the robot read it! Automatic document categorization
  • Thursday, April 18 – From GPT to spreadsheets: Turning LLM responses into validated, structured data
  • Tuesday, April 23 – Why generative AI is a dead end for (responsible) journalism
  • Thursday, April 25 – Model behavior: everything AI that is NOT a large language model
  • Tuesday, April 30 – AI while avoiding the cloud: running local models
  • Thursday, May 2 – Mystery session!