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    Locations of FDNY (Fire Department of New York) in NYC.

  • BBQ Locations in Manhattan

    There are only certain parks that allow BBQing. BBQs are not allowed in most parks in Manhattan, but are allowed at the parks on the map. The only downtown location is the East River Park which also requires a permit to BBQ.

  • Protein for Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians

    This data was from a Make Over Monday challenge. It shows the cost per 20 grams of each protein. One can compare different products. Additionally, the turquoise bars indicate those foods that are vegetarian. One can also filter the viz to compare only vegetarian options too. Data Sources:

  • Rodent Complaints in NYC

    Rodent complaints in NYC from March 1-10 2024. This visualization shows Rodent complaints by zip code. The darker red color indicates more complaints. Some zip codes have no complaints. It raises the question are there more/less rodent problems in these areas, or do people complain more in the darker zips, or maybe more people live…


    For more information check out the website: Open Data Week ( . Open Data Week is an annual event. They have workshops to learn about open data. It’s both an in person and virtual event.

  • Hello world!

    Hello Again World! DataisFun is blogging.