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September 16, 2020

Tableau Certifications and Badges and Trainings

One way to prove to yourself and others that you know Tableau is through certification and badges. Tableau has 3 levels of desktop certification. (There are also server certifications).

Exam TitleExam PricePrereqExpiration
Associate (Desktop)$250None2 Years
Profesional$600Associate3 years

I’ve been using Tableau for several years now. So I’ve been considering either the Professional or Associate Exam. The professional exam requires the Associate exam. So I would need to start with the Associate exam.

Tableau has a Prep Guide about all the topics one should know before completing the exam. I tried the e-learning Tableau offers when it was free a few month’s ago. It’s now offered for $120 for a full year subscription. I didn’t see an option to speed up the videos. They also offer bootcamps currently for $3,500. One wouldn’t be able to speed up a live class either, but I’d expect it to be more interactive. With the e-learning you can also earn badges for Linkedin and social media.

The least expensive option is the e-learning as the badges are included. It would be a way of showing Tableau knowledge too.

Another training option is the free learning videos
Broken down into Creator, Explorer, Viewer, and Admin. There isn’t any credential but is a credential necessary?

Current goal is to complete the Creator videos before end of October. I suspect some of it will be a review, and some of it new. I will post progress and some of my favorite lessons.

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