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August 05, 2020

Pigeon Waste complaints in NYC

Pigeon Complaints by Borough Jan. 2010 – Jan. 2020

Many consider NYC is an awesome place. If you want to know a city (or anything) better look through its data. Data will NOT always tell a complete picture, but one might find some insights and unexpected info. The 311 dataset has numerous complaints from NYCers. From crime, sewage, rodents, loud music, social distancing, and parking… and pigeon waste. This data is just the complaints – you are not hearing about all the amazing things the city offers.

After digging through 311 data a couple months ago I discovered pigeon waste. Who knew New Yorkers complained about pigeon waste? I knew people complained about rodents. Turns out there are even specific rules for reporting pigeon waste complaints. These complaints are about the Pigeon poo. “It is not illegal to feed or keep pigeons” (NYC Health). I guess it makes sense, many pet owners have cats, birds and dogs. Pigeons are birds. There are also complaints about dog waste, so why not pigeon waste?

Just the fact that complaining about Pigeon Waste ‘is a thing’ is illuminating. It was interesting that there were around the same number of complaints in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Around 1,600 , 1,500 , 1,700 respectively.

If you now feel the need to complain about Poo (or many other things about NYC) there is even a website to take your complaint.

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