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May 04, 2020

BBQing in NYC

Locations in NYC Boroughs where one can BBQ. Note: BBQing Location is approximate as the latitude and longitude is that of the park. Not necessarly the exact BBQ location.

Originally DataisFun made a similar post with just the Manhattan locations. It’s now expanded to include all the Boroughs. One thing to note is that this includes the locations in NYC parks. If you wanted to BBQ maybe your apt. building or hotel would have BBQ access. (Probably unlikely, but possible).

Another option is Governor’s Island (GI). While it’s not part of the parks department it offers another way of BBQing in Manhattan.

Governor’s Island allows charcoal grills ( no propane). They can be reserved with a permit. For $26 permit it’s an inexpensive way of having a BBQ with friends, or you could just have a bbq in one of the NYC parks.

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